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Single Mother’s and Weightloss

When our children are young, it can be difficult to stay in shape. As single mother’s, we so not have the option of letting dad take care of the children while we take care of ourselves.

Here are some ideas for losing weight or keeping weight off:

  • Family walks are an excellent way to get in a lot of the needed 10,000 steps a day. Walk to the playground. Walk to run errands. Take a walk around the neighborhood before bath time in the evenings.
  • Play Frisbee or basketball at the park.
  • Put on some music and dance around the living room with your children.
  • Find ways in which you can do easy exercises with your children.
  • Invest in family exercise programs on DVD, or see what is available at your local library.
  • Go on hikes.
  • Run through the puddles on a rainy day.
  • Play on the playground equipment with your children.
  • Run through the sprinkler with your children.
  • Go sledding as a family.

Keeping active is an important aspect of having a healthy body, for both you and your child.


P.S. Can you think of any other activities?

Weight loss and Nutrition: Goal Number Two

So, my second goal this year deals with weight loss and nutrition. This is also related to my mental and emotional health. It feels good to lose weight. People I barely know, and some I have never met but who see me walking all of the time, comment on my weight loss. Now, I weigh 228 pounds, but I weighed 279 when I began my weight loss journey. That is a significant amount of weight loss. It feels good when people complement me regarding the weight loss.

Now, I am not going to set an actual weight goal. This would not be wise. If I say that I will lose 50 pounds, or even 1 pound a week, I am setting myself up for failure. These types of goals do not take into consideration the muscle that you are building while losing weight, or even that muscle weighs more than fat. I do want some muscle tone, but not a lot. Just….enough. So, my goal is to simply lose weight.

To build muscle tone, I do a little with hand weights and ankle weights. I have other things that I do as well. I am not worried about my ability to do this.

To eat better, I will watch my serving sizes, watch the carbs and drink more water. I eat little meat, in general, and drink soy milk. I also like fruits and vegetables. However, the only cooked vegetables that I eat are really starches. The rest I eat raw. I am also going to try to avoid artificial sweeteners, as these are not really healthy.

I will be creating a fitness plan for myself, loosely, which will include dance, yoga/pilates/weights and walking.

Here are some links that may be helpful to you: I am a member here, and it has helped me a lot.

Join the Web’s Only Nutrition & Fitness Program Just For Teens! Diet

WebMD: Healthy Eating and Diet Center


Wishing you all well on your weight loss journeys.


P.S. Would you like to discuss your weight loss and nutrition goals? Feel free to start by posting a comment. Thank you.

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New Years Day

Goals for the New Year

Mental and Emotional Health: Goal Number One

Writing (or any number of other activities that could lead to possible income): Goal Number Three

Simplify and Declutter: Goal Number Four

Greening: Goal Number Five

Gardening: Goal Number Six

Spiritual: Goal Number Seven

Rethinking the Holidays: Goal Number Eight

Helping Others: Goal Number Nine

Goals for the New Year

Mental and Emotional Health:

I am obviously not doing well with this one right now.

I will be sure to take the time to do for myself.

I will work through my depression issues, and continue to see Nicole at the doctors office to be sure that the medication is working properly.

I will be who I am; be true to myself. My beliefs matter, and I cannot be happy if my only goal is to make everyone else happy. I have to be true to my own beliefs.


I did not do too bad over the last year losing weight. I get many good comments from people who can see the results, even people whom I do not know but whom see me walking all the time. Much good praise comes my way from these people. I could have done better, but I am satisfied.

I will continue to lose weight.

I will build some muscle tone.

I will eat better: Watch serving sizes, less carbs, more water.

I will create a fitness program for myself for this winter.

I will try to avoid artificial sweeteners. I have taken time to research these things more deeply, and I do not like what I am seeing. Natural is best.

Simplify and Declutter:

I am such a pack rat. I may need help with this one. I have to decide what is important and what is not. Only keep what I know is needed.

I will simplify my life, even if it means a dreaded schedule! Too much going on…

I will go through each room (except Zowie’s) and declutter.


I love to write, but never have enough time to do so. While simplifying my life, it is my intention to make time every week to write. Not just blog, but write stories.

To continue with the Single Mother blog.

To finish my book of short stories.

Finish stories.

Edit and retype where necessary.

Final edit and retype.

To try to sell some of my other short stories.

To try to sell some articles.

Finish outlines for other books that I am planning.

Greening Goals:

Use less plastic and replace some of the plastic items that we have.

Create less waste.

Purchase fewer products with plastic packaging.


Grow more of our own food organically.

Do more composting.

Start seeds early (outside) and cover for an extended growing season.

Learn succession planting.

Heirloom and Open Pollinated seeds, organic. I am begiining the switch-over from genetically modified seeds/foods to real, nutritious foods.


Choose and area of study for the year.



Rethink what the holidays mean to me. Certainly not commercialism, materialism. I want to get away from all of that stuff, without feeling guilty about making purchases. Making things for people and creating less waste will be my goals.

Continue to help homeschooling and low-income families.



Have you thought about your goals for the New Year? Feel free to post them in the comments below if you would like.


New Years Day

Mental and Emotional Health: Goal Number One

Weight Loss and Nutrition: Goal Number Two

Writing (or any number of other activities that could lead to possible income): Goal Number Three

Simplify and Declutter: Goal Number Four

Greening: Goal Number Five

Gardening: Goal Number Six

Spiritual: Goal Number Seven

Rethinking the Holidays: Goal Number Eight

Helping Others: Goal Number Nine