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Do Low-Income Children of Single Mothers do Worse in School?

I think not. I do not believe that how well a children does is dependent on either income or whether or not a child’s parents are married. I believe that whether or not a child succeeds in school has more to do with their own motivation, and the support of their parent, even when that parent is a single mother.

Each child is different. Any family unit can have a child who does well in school and a child who does not. The key to success is with the attitude of the family.

What are your views on this subject?

Here is a link for your consideration:

Children of single mothers do just as well in school



Choosing Single Motherhood

More and more women seem to be choosing single motherhood. They may choose to concentrate on their education, or their careers, rather than on a relationship with a man. Maybe they haven’t had good relationships with men in the past. There are numerous reasons why a woman may choose single motherhood.
Here are a couple of websites for you to visit for more information:
Choice Moms: For women who are looking at being single mothers, and for those who already are. January’s theme is Building a Support Network.
Single Mothers by Choice: Support and Information.
I know that these links will be of help to you, and I have also linked to them in the sidebar.