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Single Mothers and Depression Part 5: Some People will Still Bring You Down

I’m not sure if they are trying to or not, but there are people out there who will bring you down again and again. Even when they know that you are on medication because you have been too depressed to handle things on your own.

I keep asking myself. why are they doing this? Do they really not get that I am working very hard to not be depressed? That every day can be a struggle?

Who knows?

I have been working very hard at not letting people and situations get me down. It is not always easy, but I am able to do this more and more. Am I getting better? I hope so.

When people are consistently bringing me down, I find myself trying not to talk with them about the stressful stuff. But I don’t ignore them completely. I send them little notes and make small talk with them.

I am trying to nicely let people know that I can’t handle their stresses right now. I am there to support them, but only if they are ready to do something about their situation.

Simply put: I can’t help them if they won’t help themselves.


PS: How are you handling your depression? Any tips? Please tell us in the comments section. Thank you.

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Helping Others: Goal Number Nine

This is the last goal that I made for myself for the year 2009. I have a support system  set up for helping low-income families, as well as homeschool families. I also have this blog.

I plan to keep up with all three of these. I truly do enjoy helping people. And I like to feel useful. I also believe that helping others is a good basis for raising a family. If every household in the world helped other, the world would be a better place.

If you have any goals for helping others, how about sharing them with us in the comments.


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What Chores can My Children do?

This is a common question from many parents. They are wondering what, if anything, there children can do to help out at home at different ages.

Giving children chores provides many benefits:

  • It teaches them responsibility.
  • It shows them that they are important in the up-keeping of their home.
  • It shows them that they are valued for their skills.
  • It shows them that can can accomplish new tasks.
  • They will know that you value their ability to help out when needed.
  • It helps take a little of the load of you, which is especially helpful to single mothers who work inside our outside of the home.

So, what can your children do? Well, that all depends on their ages and abilities, as well as on what you need done. Here are some guidelines:


  • Pick up their toys and put them in their toy boxes.
  • ‘Help’ mom with little tasks.
  • Pick up their books.
  • Clear their places at the table.
  • Put dirty clothes in the hamper.

Pre-school aged children:

  • Sort socks and match them up while mom is folding laundry.
  • Learn to put clean clothes in drawers with moms help.
  • Pick up after their various activities.
  • ‘Help’ mom with easy food prep.

Young elementary school aged children:

  • They can do everything above on their own.
  • They can also do more food preparation on their own. They can pour their own cereal and measure things out more easily.
  • They can help with younger siblings.
  • Clean the bathroom sink area.
  • Sweep floors.

Older elementary age children:

  • Take out trash.
  • Do some supervised cooking.
  • Vacuum.
  • Dust.
  • Unload the dishwasher or wash dishes in the sink.
  • Strip the beds.
  • Fold laundry and put away.


  • Young teens should begin learning about the rest of the chores as well as home maintenance. They should also learn things like grocery shopping and menu planning.
  • Older teens should be able to do everything by themselves, but should not be expected to do everything each day. Find the schedule that works best for your family. They may also benefit from a savings/checking account, using their own money.

Hopefully, these guidelines will help you to create the perfect task plans for all of your children.


P.S. What chores do you have your children doing at what ages? Let us know by commenting on this post. Your advice will help many other single mothers. Thank you.

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