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Children and Boredom

Do you here, “Mom! I’m bored,” often in your household? I do here, sometimes.

I have a theory:

It is okay to be bored! I just don’t want to continuously hear about it. It can become quite annoying.

What can happen when a child is bored?

Many things. They may make up games, make a new friend, play with their siblings, or even create a new game. They may figure out that they can do any number of things. Or they may decide to enjoy a good book.

What happens in my home when children insist upon annoying me with a lot of complaining about how bored they are? (Hehehehe!)

I give the chores. There are many that they can do. (This is my policy, and I’m sticking to it.)

How often do they complain too much?

Not often.

The moral of the (non) story?

Children who do not want many chores should find ways to entertain themselves.


Because parents can not entertain children every second of the day.


Well, that’s how it works in my home anyway. What do you all do when your children are bored but you can’t entertain them?


P.S. What do you do when your children are complaining about being bored? Let us know in the comment section. Thank you.

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