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The Life of A Single Mother: Busy, Busy, Busy

Do you ever have problems keeping up with everything that you have to do? Does it sometimes feel like life would be easier if you could hand over some of your responsibilities to someone else?

I missed a whole week here, and I apologize. So much has been going on. I am having difficulties keeping up with everything. I am back now, and I will be catching up with the posting that I have missed, on top of doing the posting for the coming week. You will not miss out on anything. I promise.

As I said, I have been busy:

  • I walk every day.
  • I had a variety Show to go to, where my daughter was waitressing for her Key Club.
  • I went out to eat twice with my best friend, and to the movies with her last night. We saw Taken, which I highly recommend.
  • I am organizing and deep cleaning the living room, and trying to get other things done before next week as well. I start babysitting again within the week, and will be doing so away from home during the day. I want my daughter and I to be able to get to our chores quickly each day.
  • I am also starting a freelance career, which will be taking up a lot of my time. This blog is actually part of that career.
  • I have begun some online courses in the writing field.

Business is as business does, and this single mother has been doing a lot.


P.S. What is keeping you busy at this time?

Daily Life for this Single Mom

Some of you may be wondering exactly what it is that I do all day. Do I sit around blogging all day? Watching soap operas? Reading?

No. I am pretty busy.

Here is a general list of what my daily activities look like:

Cooking: Yes, I bake my own bread, cook meals (even breakfast at times) and make a lot of things from scratch. This saves me money that I can use elsewhere.

Cleaning: Yuck! But, yes. Each day I do dishes, laundry, clean the bathroom, make my bed and various other things to keep my household going.

Homeschool my daughter: Yeah, well, I make lesson plans and do all of that stuff, but she is 16 and is mostly learning independently. She is a smart cookie.

Work: Yep. Right now, I babysit. I also homeschool my nephew while he is here. He is 11, so it takes a lot more of my time to homeschool him than it takes me to homeschool my daughter. I also keep this blog, which pays a bill each month.

Blog: Very important, and how I got the job of keeping this blog for you.

Exercise: Walking and other activities that are helping me to lose weight.

Volunteer: I help other low-income and homeschool families.

I have other interests as well. I read, scrapbook, write, walk, planning this years garden, budgeting, sewing curtains….

I am busy.

Why this post? Why would anyone care what I do? Maybe they don’t. There are, however, misconceptions that stay/work-at-home mothers may be a bit lazy. I hope that I have dispelled this myth successfully.



P.S. Feel free to share your day with us in the comments below.

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