Journaling is Very Therapeutic

I believe that the best way to get my feelings out is through journaling. It is a very therapeutic practice, in my opinion. I always feel a lot better about things after I have written them down.

I have actually created many journals over the years, though I usually destroy them because I would never want anyone to read them. I do have a journal that I will always keep, however. It has only things that I don’t mind if people read.

Don’t have a journal yet? Get one! Journals are great. Choose one with a style and picture that you like. What should your first journal entry be? Answer this question: What are my favorite pamper myself tips? Write them down, then take one evening a week to do something on your list. Now you can write whatever you want, whenever you like.

On A Cool Evening

I love to find different ways to pamper myself. I believe that, as a single mother, it is very important that I do things myself, so I came up with as many ways as I could to pamper myself. To take time out just for me. In this category, I am going to let you know some of the ways in which I do this.

I suggest that you do something to pamper yourselves at least once a week. I know that this is very hard for single mothers, as we do not have a lot of time. That is why you will start seeing ways to do this when time as short, as well as when you have all day to yourself.

Here is one idea to get yourself started.

Take your coffee, tea or hot cocoa outside on a cool night. Close the door to drown out the sounds from inside. Sit on your porch or on a step all by yourself and contemplate your life. What is going good for you right now? What are your goals? How can you accomplish them?

Hold a Family Yard Sale

Now is a great time to have a yard sale, but you may be wondering how your children can help with such a big task. Our children can learn many things by helping to put on a yard sale, and this will be a great way to spend some extra time with them as a family.

How can children help with a yard sale? Here are some ideas:

Young Children:

* Little ones can help to sort items before pricing. They can but mom’s clothing in one box, girls clothing in another, and boys clothing in yet another. They could put soft toys in one box, and movies in another.

* Elementary age children can help you to make lemonade, iced tea and Kool-Aid, and they can run a drink stand if you give them their own small table and chairs.

* They can also help to do some baking, and hold a bake sale.

* You could have your child sit next to you and bag up stuff for each customer.

 Children 9+:

* Why not allow them to give people change when it is due. You can help them if necessary.

* They can collect money as well, if you like.

* At this age, they can help you to put set up, as well as put things away.


* Teenagers can set up and run the whole thing, so you can have them help with many tasks.

* They can take over if you need to make lunch, or they can make lunch for everyone.

* They can help customers to load their purchases into their vehicles.

* They can hang signs and then take them down when the yard sale is done.

 As you can see, there are many ways in which children can help with the family yard sale. As a treat, if enough money is made, you could get take out and picnic at the park in the evening.

My nephew is ten. He helped us a great deal during this weekends yard sale. He helped us to set up as well as put things away. He also helped us to collect money, and he counted out change for people.

Reflections: TGIF

When my daughters were little, we celebrated TGIF. Back then, there was some pretty decent programming on regular television on Friday nights: Boy Meets World and Sabrina the Teenage Witch, to be precise. When those were over, we would pop in a movie.

However, what made these nights special was not necessarily what we watched. It was the process leading up to the television shows and movie.

First I would shower quickly while the girls played in their room. I would then bathe them. Once we were all dried and in our nighties, we would go downstairs and sit on the sofa.

I would brush and braid my hair, then theirs. Then I would give as all manicures and pedicures. We would talk about our days and enjoy some laughs.

Just before the shows were to begin, we would bring their bedding down from their room. They always camped out downstairs on TGIF night. This way, I wouldn’t have to wake them up to go to bed after the movie. They always fell asleep before the movie ended and I would quietly go up to bed.

Again, before the shows began, I would make popcorn. They would watch the bag as the popcorn popped, then wait in the livingroom while I put treats’ in each of their (cereal)bowls. This would simply be a few chocolate chips or M&M’s.

I would bring in the bowl of popcorn and their juices just as the first show was beginning. They were always tickled pink about the treats.

Friday’s were very special to us, and we always had a lot of fun.

Starting the Blog


I wanted to let you all know that I was recently chosen to work on this blog. I am going to be adding content this week, and then I will continue to add more content each week there after.

Tonight and tomorrow, I will be thinking about what categories will be of interest to the single mother. There are so many possibilities, that I want to be sure that I choose the right ones.

I am open to suggestions for the blog, and I am hoping for interaction with the readers. In this way, I believe that we can make this blog a great tool for all of us.

I, myself, am a single mother, so I will be able to bring a lot to the table. Please keep checking back with us, and help me to make this blog a community that we can all rely on.

Have a wonderful weekend.