Simplify and Declutter: Goal Number Four

I need to declutter my home and simplify my life. , goalI always have so much to do that I cannot even think straight. It is no wonder that I am so stressed out all of the time.

So, my main goal here is to go through every room in my home (except my daughter Zowie’s) and declutter. I plan to be ruthless. That is the plan. I will let you know how this works out for me.

You see…I am a pack rat, and a sentimental person. I hold on to things because they once held meaning for me, or because I may use them…someday. I have to take stock of what is important, and work through each room, one at a time. Baby steps.

I also have to organize my life in general. I have umpteen projects in the works, and things never really seem to get done. So, this year, I plan to finish up old projects before beginning new ones.

Organized Home

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