Weight loss and Nutrition: Goal Number Two

So, my second goal this year deals with weight loss and nutrition. This is also related to my mental and emotional health. It feels good to lose weight. People I barely know, and some I have never met but who see me walking all of the time, comment on my weight loss. Now, I weigh 228 pounds, but I weighed 279 when I began my weight loss journey. That is a significant amount of weight loss. It feels good when people complement me regarding the weight loss.

Now, I am not going to set an actual weight goal. This would not be wise. If I say that I will lose 50 pounds, or even 1 pound a week, I am setting myself up for failure. These types of goals do not take into consideration the muscle that you are building while losing weight, or even that muscle weighs more than fat. I do want some muscle tone, but not a lot. Just….enough. So, my goal is to simply lose weight.

To build muscle tone, I do a little with hand weights and ankle weights. I have other things that I do as well. I am not worried about my ability to do this.

To eat better, I will watch my serving sizes, watch the carbs and drink more water. I eat little meat, in general, and drink soy milk. I also like fruits and vegetables. However, the only cooked vegetables that I eat are really starches. The rest I eat raw. I am also going to try to avoid artificial sweeteners, as these are not really healthy.

I will be creating a fitness plan for myself, loosely, which will include dance, yoga/pilates/weights and walking.

Here are some links that may be helpful to you:

SparkPeople.com: I am a member here, and it has helped me a lot.



Join the Web’s Only Nutrition & Fitness Program Just For Teens! Diet

WebMD: Healthy Eating and Diet Center


Wishing you all well on your weight loss journeys.


P.S. Would you like to discuss your weight loss and nutrition goals? Feel free to start by posting a comment. Thank you.

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