Childcare Part 3: Preparing Your Child

First and foremost, I believe that each child should know what is going on. That you are looking for childcare for them. When they can expect to be away from you and for how long. Everything pertinent to their age groups.

If a child can help you come up with questions, here about each person that you interview, and give you their in input, things may go smoother. Especially for a child who does not want to leave his mother.

Really, there are only a few things that I would like to touch upon in this post:

  • I believe that it is best if a child can meet the childcare provider(s) ahead of time, spending time with them first with you, then alone but with you right there. This gives the child a chance to get comfortable with the provider(s).
  • I also believe that it is best if the child is introduced to the other children in the childcare providers care, if there are any. The child should be allowed to play with the other children while their mother is there.
  • It would also be a good idea of the child were left in the providers care for maybe 1-3 hours only the first time. Then the whole day.

I do believe that the above steps will make the transition smoother for any child. As a single mother, you may have to take a day off from work to accomplish the first couple of steps.