Teens can Decorate for Halloween

Haven’t had a chance to decorate the outside of your home yet? Why not let your teenager do this for you. Spend a few minutes digging everything out, and then let him/her have at it.

My daughters have decorated outside for the last few years. This year, my older daughter lives a few hours away. Her younger sister took my nephew out to decorate with her. They did a great job.

Here are some tips in case your teenager would like to take on this important tradition. Have them follow these guidelines:

  • Lights can go around doors and porches, as well as along fences.
  • Please be 100% sure that the lights you want to use outside are specifically for outdoor use. This information is on the tag by the plug. I always leave these on.
  • If using lights, check that the lights are working properly before stringing them. Replace any bulbs as needed.
  • If using lights, begin at the plug in to be sure that everything gets hooked up properly.
  • Hang a wreath on the door.
  • Scary looking fencing is a nice touch, especially around a ‘grave yard’.
  • If you don’t carve the pumpkins, you can use them for Thanksgiving decorating. If you do carve them, be sure to roast the seeds!
  • Spider webbing costs only about $1.00 a bag and adds a nice touch.
  • Making a scarecrow can be a great touch as well. Here is a better tip, though. Have someone dress up like a real scarecrow with a scary pumpkin head. They sit in a chair by the porch on Halloween and jump up and scare people as they approach the house for their candy.
  • If you have any scrap wood, you can distress it and make scary signs.


P.S. Have your teenagers been helping you with the Halloween deocrations? Let us know about your experiences by commenting on this post. Thank you.

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