Family Bowling

When my daughters, Skye and Zowie, were younger, we used to go bowling. I do not bowl because of a back injury, so I always kept score. They loved playing against each other, and a little friendly competition never hurt anyone.

We would spend time together before and after bowling by walking there and back. They would bowl, and even created their own victory dances. We all had a great time.

Before heading home, we would go to the pizza place for lunch or dinner. This allowed us even more time to connect. Many things were discussed during these times together, and I will cherish the memories together.

Even when they were younger teenagers, they loved this tradition. We would go at the change of every season so that we could all be looking forward to it. As they got older, we began inviting one or more of their friends along with us, which allowed me to catch up with them as well.


P.S. What is a family tradition that you and your child(ren) have? Discuss this with us in the comments section. Thank you.

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