Reflections: TGIF

When my daughters were little, we celebrated TGIF. Back then, there was some pretty decent programming on regular television on Friday nights: Boy Meets World and Sabrina the Teenage Witch, to be precise. When those were over, we would pop in a movie.

However, what made these nights special was not necessarily what we watched. It was the process leading up to the television shows and movie.

First I would shower quickly while the girls played in their room. I would then bathe them. Once we were all dried and in our nighties, we would go downstairs and sit on the sofa.

I would brush and braid my hair, then theirs. Then I would give as all manicures and pedicures. We would talk about our days and enjoy some laughs.

Just before the shows were to begin, we would bring their bedding down from their room. They always camped out downstairs on TGIF night. This way, I wouldn’t have to wake them up to go to bed after the movie. They always fell asleep before the movie ended and I would quietly go up to bed.

Again, before the shows began, I would make popcorn. They would watch the bag as the popcorn popped, then wait in the livingroom while I put treats’ in each of their (cereal)bowls. This would simply be a few chocolate chips or M&M’s.

I would bring in the bowl of popcorn and their juices just as the first show was beginning. They were always tickled pink about the treats.

Friday’s were very special to us, and we always had a lot of fun.